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CIPP - v2.3.0

Mai Tai

Hey everyone,

Thank you all our contributors and CIPP team that worked on this release. This release is is feature packed with many of our feature request list getting tackled.

Of course we also have many bug fixes in this release big and small, so check out the complete changelog, if you have any bugs, report them :)

We especially like to thank our release sponsors, OITVOIP, NinjaOne, Immybot, and Huntress for sponsoring us for this release, as their sponsorship is what makes creating this application possible.

The changelog below contains only the most important fixes, for more information, check out the full changelog. Items without a PR reference have been made by direct commits.

New Features

  • Added Single Tenant / Partner Tenant mode, which allows you to use CIPP without being a Microsoft partner, or for your own tenant by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added ability to edit calendars by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Replaced home page with new dashboard by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added Alerts Wizard to setup alerts, per tenant for specific categories by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added Graph Explorer for easier reporting by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added more option to assigning devices by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added Temporary Access password Standard by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added Temporary Access Password Generation by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added option to set teams to public/private by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added standard to set passwordless authentication and location information by @KelvinTegelaar

Reported bug fixes

  • Fixed #829 by @AdamWillford
  • Fixed #828 by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Fixed #824 by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Fixed #806 by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Fixed #799 by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Fixed #794 by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Fixed #793 by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Fixed #791 by @gavsto

Other notable changes

Full Changelog: