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CIPP - v2.2.0

Hey everyone,

As CIPP grows we're also available on Discord via

Thank you all our contributors and CIPP team that worked on this release. This release is has a couple of new features, and a bunch of backend speed improvements. More places have the "AllTenants" option available and we've added new standards.

Of course we also have many bug fixes in this release big and small, so check out the changelog!

We especially like to thank our release sponsors, OITVOIP, NinjaOne, Immybot, and Huntress for sponsoring us for this release, as their sponsorship is what makes creating this application possible.

The changelog below contains only the most important fixes, for more information, check out the full changelog. Items without a PR reference have been made by direct commits.

New Features

  • Azure AD Connect View and User Warning for Azure AD Synced Tenants by @gavsto in
  • Multi-Tenant Device Compliance List by @gavsto in
  • List Licenses' by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added AllTenants Selector to Alerts by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added options to set the state of an Alert to Alerts by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added more verbose error handling; you'll now get told if the feature you are trying to use requires a license. by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Allow setting of private/public team by @KelvinTegelaar
  • Added more information to BEC overview in regards to rules and permissions

What's Changed

Full Changelog: