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CIPP - v2.1.0

Cuba Libré

Hey everyone,

As CIPP grows we're also available on Discord via

Thank you all our contributors and CIPP team that worked on this release. This release is a feature filled release, with some new backend magic to boot! First a quick, but important announcement:

If you have setup notifications, Please reperform the setup. Our scheduling engine has had changes and thus requires you to reenter that information.

This release sets the stage for our February release with a bunch of new features, such as "All Tenants" mode in multiple locations, which allows you to create a standard for all tenants, including new ones added. We've also expanded on our templating engine, and Intune apps deployments.

Of course we also have many bug fixes in this release big and small, so check out the changelog!

We especially like to thank our release sponsors, OITVOIP, NinjaOne, and ImmyBot for sponsoring us for this release, as their sponsorship is what makes creating this application possible. We'd also like to welcome Huntress as a new sponsor. :)

The changelog below contains only the most important fixes, for more information, check out the full changelog. Items without a PR reference have been made by direct commits.

New Features

  • NEW FEATURE: Added default page size for tables by @gavsto in
  • Individual Domain - MTA-STS support by @johnduprey in
  • Allow clearing of local cache
  • Added multiple intune default templates.
  • Added option to add apps to All Tenants
  • Added option to add Policies to All Tenants
  • Added option to add Standards to All Tenants
  • Created new Scheduler engine
  • Added removal of apps/policies
  • Added all possible Policy Options to edit Intune Policies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with tenant access check
  • Fixed issue with tenant permissions check
  • Fixed issue with edit user where it returned HTML instead of expected results
  • Fixed issue with standards where it returned HTML
  • Fixed infinite redirect issue when user has no roles
  • Many more, see full changelog.

Other changes

Full Changelog: