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CIPP - v2.0.0

Codename Frozen Mojito

Hey everyone,

As CIPP grows we're also available on Discord via

Thank you all our contributors and CIPP team that worked on this release. Over the past 4 weeks we've been hard at work making sure we get an amazing new update ready and it is; version v2.0.0 Frozen Mojito is now released.

This release is a full rewrite to React, allowing us to develop new features faster, easier, and with a lot less code. This release has increased the speed tremendously. the speed improvements are not all; we also are introducing dark mode and a lot of minor quality of life improvements. A special thanks to @redanthrax and @k-grube for the first proof-of-concept version of the react frontend, and helping me and many others understand react. they've driving this release forward. :)

We especially like to thank our release sponsors, OITVOIP, NinjaOne, and ImmyBot for sponsoring us for this release, as their sponsorship is what makes creating this application possible. With their sponsorship funds we've also paid out our first Feature & Issue bounty to @homotechsual and @AdamWillford.

The changelog below contains only the most important fixes, for more information, check out the full changelog. Items without a PR reference have been made by direct commits.(Only @KelvinTegelaar or @gavsto)

New Features

  • React release. Complete interface rewrite
  • Speed
  • Profile page under avatar with theme selection for dark mode
  • Usage location selection
  • Clearer errors in toast messages for troubleshooting
  • many many more quality of life improvements such as user selectors, better wizards, more feedback.


Full Changelog: