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CIPP - v1.4.0

Codename Whiskey

Hey everyone,

As CIPP grows we're also available on Discord via

Thank you all our contributors and CIPP team that worked on this. We have a huge list of improvements, bugfixes, and new features. There are many small changes which should considerably improve performance of pages like the tenant administration and user administration pages.

We especially like to thank our release sponsors, OITVOIP and NinjaOne for sponsoring us for this release, as their sponsorship is what makes creating this application possible. We've also moved to a new documentation system that can be found at

The changelog below contains only the most important fixes, for more information, check out the full changelog. Items without a PR reference have been made by direct commits.(Only @KelvinTegelaar or @gavsto)

What's Changed

  • NEW FEATURE: Phishing Policies by @gavsto in
  • NEW FEATURE: View User Page by @lwhitelock in
  • NEW FEATURE: Individual Domain Security Lookup by @gavsto , @johnduprey, @fsociety in
  • NEW FEATURE: E-mail and teams webhook notifications for CIPP events by @KelvinTegelaar
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Business e-mail compromise overview page by @KelvinTegelaar
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Business e-mail compromise remediation by @KelvinTegelaar
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Intune Policy Template engine by @KelvinTegelaar
  • NEW FEATURE: Added deployment of Spoofing warnings via standards by @KelvinTegelaar
  • NEW FEATURE: Backend URL retrieval by @KelvinTegelaar
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Intune Template viewing options (beta) by @KelvinTegelaar
  • BUGFIX: Removed "Select all" on AddStandards by @AdamWillford in
  • BUGFIX: Resolved slow load on several pages due to async calls by @KelvinTegelaar
  • BUGFIX: Resolved issues with APILinks not working on user page by @KelvinTegelaar
  • BUGFIX: Minor fixes to layout and caching by @KelvinTegelaar
  • BUGFIX: Resolved issue with Intune Engine not using correct Display Name

New Contributors

Full Changelog: