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CIPP - V1.3.0

Codename Gin

Hey everyone,

This is our third release, as CIPP grows we're also available on Discord via

Thank you all our contributors and CIPP team that worked on this. We have a huge list of improvements, bugfixes, and new features!

We especially like to thank OITVoip, which is our Readme and releases sponsor to allow us to keep making cool software.

This release comes with a couple of warnings: You will have to add a new permission called "Domain.Read.All" for the new domain feature. This release also contains a role management system that will allow you to create readonly,editor, or admin users. Please see the documentation for more information.

The changelog below contains only the most important fixes, for more information, check out the full changelog. Items without a PR reference have been made by direct commits.(Only @KelvinTegelaar or @gavsto)

What's Changed

  • ENHANCEMENT: Simplified exported reports for BPA by @gavsto in
  • ENHANCEMENT: Changed colours around on BPA by @gavsto in
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added last user logon attempt to user information
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added CSV Autopilot import file
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added the ability to remove and add Team owners
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved logging page to allow filtering
  • ENHANCEMENT: Version check is improved and also has spinners now
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added new Exo function for REST based exchange endpoint.

New Contributors

Full Changelog: