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Using the users pages you can edit users, add users to groups or change their licenses, you can also create new users.


Created DateThe creation date of the user.
User Principal NameThe User Principal Name (UPN) of the user.
Given NameThe "First Name" of the user.
SurnameThe "Last Name" of the user.
Job TitleThe Job Title of the user, if entered.
Licences AssignedAll assigned licences.
Phone NumberBusiness Number / Mobile Number of the user.
Mail AddressPrimary e-mail address of the user.
CityLocation of the user, if entered.
DepartmentDepartment of the user, if entered.
On-Prem Sync Date/TimeIf synced from on-prem, the last time sync occurred.
Unique IDUnique ID of the selected user.


  • Research Compromised Account
  • Send Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Push
  • Convert to Shared Mailbox
  • Block Sign-In
  • Reset Password (Must Change)
  • Reset Password
  • Delete User

Note that clicking one of these actions will present a confirmation modal dialog.

Known Issues / Limitations

No known issues exist for this page. If you have any issues, then please report a bug.