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Many Identity Management reports exist in CIPP, see below for further details:

Pseudonymised Data in Reports

The data returned in these reports might appear pseudonymised. Run the standard "Enable Usernames instead of pseudo anonymised names in reports" to prevent this on the selected tenant.

All reports feature filtering and the ability to export to a PDF or CSV file. Currently all records are exported, and not the filtered view.


This report lists all the devices from Azure AD on the tenant, including whether they're compliant, enabled and various other fields related to the device.

Multi-Factor Authentication Report

This report lists all the users in the tenant and the status of the user in regards to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). For instance, it reports on whether they're enabled via Per-User MFA or enabled via Conditional Access or, whether it's enforced via Security Defaults.

Users with no MFA method configured show with a red highlight.

Basic Auth Report

This report lists all users that have signed in using Basic Auth across all ClientApps in the last 30 days.

Known Issues / Limitations

No known issues exist for this page. If you have any issues, then please report a bug.