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Using the groups pages you can edit groups and add users to groups, you can also create new groups. You are also able to see the type of group, whether it's Teams enabled and whether it's synced from a on-premise directory.


NameThe name of the group.
Group TypeThe type of the group, for example Microsoft 365.
Dynamic GroupDoes the group use dynamic membership rules?
Teams EnabledIs the group enabled for Microsoft Teams?
On-Prem SyncIs the group enabled for on-prem syncronisation?
E-MailThe primary e-mail attached to the group.


  • Edit Group

Known Issues / Limitations

Groups currently don't return all data such as external senders, and not all settings are available to set using the Graph API by partners. Microsoft is aware and planning to fix this in a future release of the Graph API. Distribution groups currently cannot be edited due to a limit in the Graph API.

If you have any other issues, then please report a bug.