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Autopilot Status Page

The following two pages in CIPP give you the ability to manage Autopilot Status Pages:

Add Status Page

This page provides the ability for you to edit/override the default Enrollment Status Page. This page applies to all tenants, all users and devices.


  • Timeout in minutes
  • Custom error message
  • Show progress to users
  • Turn on log collection
  • Show status page only with OOBE setup
  • Block device usage during setup
  • Retry
  • Reset
  • Let users use Device if Setup Fails

Known Issues / Limitations

You can only edit the default profile, and not create new ones. This profile is per default set to "All computers and devices"

400 - You've entered wrong data, check the information and try again.

If you have any other issues, then please report a bug.

List Status Pages

This page shows the status of the Default Status Page and the settings configured for it.


NameThe name of the status page.
DescriptionThe status page description.
Installation TimeoutThe time in minutes before the installation times out.
Show Installation ProgressWhether to display installation progress on the status page.
Block RetriesWhether it's possible to retry in the event of autopilot failure.
Reset on failureWhether it's possible to reset in the event of autopilot failure.
Usage on failureWhether the user can continue to use the device in the event of autopilot failure.

Known Issues / Limitations

No known issues exist for the List Status Pages page. If you have any issues, please report a bug.