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Autopilot Devices

The following two pages in CIPP give you the ability to manage Autopilot devices:

Add Device

Add autopilot devices by following the Wizard on this page.


As a partner, you can register devices to Windows Autopilot using any one of these methods:

  • Hardware Hash (available from OEM or on-device script)
  • Combination of Manufacturer, Device Model and Device Serial Number
  • Windows Product Key ID

Known Issues / Limitations

This API does not directly return data to CIPP, and thus can incorrectly report the upload has failed.

If you have any other issues, then please report a bug.

List Devices

This page lists all devices registered for Autopilot.


Display NameThe display name of the device.
SerialThe serial number of the device.
ModelThe model of the device.
ManufacturerThe manufacturer of the device.
Group TagThe autopilot group tag assigned to the device.
EnrollmentThe enrollment status of the device.


  • Delete Device - This deletes the autopilot enrollment for the device.

Known Issues / Limitations

No known issues exist for this page. If you have any issues, then please report a bug.