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List Applications

The List Applications page shows a list of line-of-business applications configured for deployment in Microsoft Endpoint Manager / Intune.

You can assign the application to All Users / All Devices from the more button.


NameThe name of the application.
PublishedThe published status of the application.
Install CommandThe command to install the application.
Uninstall CommandThe command to uninstall the application.
Install AsWhether the application should install as system or the user.
Restart BehaviourWhether the app installation may trigger a restart.
Assigned to GroupsWhether the app has active group assignments.
Created AtThe creation date and time of the application.
Modified AtThe last modified date and time for the application.
Featured AppWhether the app is a featured app in the portal.
# of Dependent AppsHow many dependent apps exist for the application.
Detection TypeDetection rule, if one exists.
Detection File/Folder NameDetection Rule Folder Name Details.
Detection File/Folder PathDetection Rule Path details.


  • Assign to All Users
  • Assign to All Devices
  • Assign Globally (All Users / All Devices)
  • Delete Application

Known Issues / Limitations

No known issues exist for this page. If you have any issues, then please report a bug.