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Manual vs Automatic Updating

Note that the frontend updates automatically once you have done "Fetch & Merge" from GitHub, however the CIPP-API requires you to press a button on the resource in Azure itself. If you have a hosted version of CIPP, updates are deployed automatically.

Update your application to the latest release using the following instructions:



Note that if you receive a workflow error, check the Troubleshooting page for potential fixes

  • Go to your own CIPP fork on GitHub
  • Select Sync fork
  • Select Update branch



To update the backend, you must manually fetch from GitHub and update the Azure resource yourself, following the below instructions

  • Go to your CIPP-API fork on GitHub
  • Select Sync fork
  • Select Update branch
  • Go to the Azure Portal
  • Go to your CIPP resource group
  • Select the Azure Function App
  • Select "Deployment Center"
  • Select Sync.

Check the Dashboard and you should see all green once updated. You've now updated the application.

If you don't see the update immediately - give the function app half an hour or so to finish updating itself.